LG Factory Unlock Code - Worldwide Networks


Factory unlock code for LG devices on all networks worldwide.

Supported models: All LG phones / tablets

  • Security policy Security policy
  • Delivery policy Delivery policy
  • Return policy Return policy

Factory unlock code for LG phones on worldwide networks.

Duration: 1 - 2 working days.

Supported models: 

  • Most LG models

Supported IMEI: 

  • Most IMEIs

Unsupported IMEI:

  • Any models that use 'device unlocking app', such as Leon H345 / G4 from T-Mobile USA.
  • Any models that are not asking for the unlock code.
  • Any models that are hardlocked or displaying the 'your phone is permanently locked' message.
  • Any IMEIs that begin with ‘99xx'.

The unlock codes that you will receive are:

  • Network code (NCK)
  • Service provider code (SPCK)
  • Net subset code (NSCK)