Lebara - Pay As You Go (PAYG) Sim Card


Lebara Mobile Pay As You Go Sim Card, suitable for any Lebara compatible/unlocked mobile phone.

A Pay As You Go (PAYG) SIM is your best bet if you love your mobile but don't want a contract. It’s simple, flexible and competitively priced.

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Take advantage of Lebara's great pre-paid deals by activating this card in any compatible handset.

Comes pre-activated and registered - simply install, top up and use!

Why get a PAYG SIM card?

  • Perfect if you don't use your phone that often, or only want one for emergencies
  • No contract - you can leave whenever you like
  • Get all the minutes, texts and data you need

You can get the UK's lowest PAYG rates. All SIM cards are available free from any PhoneShop UK store, ready for any device, including standard, micro or nano SIM sizes.

You can keep your existing phone number if you're switching from another provider, and once you top up you'll receive all the benefits of being on your new network.