iPhone 11 Frame Glows When The Flash Is Turned On In Dark post thumbnail

The idea of having an iPhone that glows might not be something that everyone is into, but that isn’t stopping the iPhone 11 from doing it. As users of Reddit have noted, if you turn on the flash, the back of the phone will glow, depending on the colour of the back panel.

A flick through the Reddit thread shows multiple iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro models used as examples, although it seems that the Green iPhone 11 is the sweet spot.

When you activate the flash and then cover it up with a piece of tape, card, or just your finger you’ll see the back of the phone illuminate. The same goes for the edges, too.

The result is pretty gorgeous, and we’d love to see an iPhone that does this as a matter of course. That’s unlikely because of the likely battery impact this will cause, but the fact it’s possible is still pretty cool.

The back of the iPhone 11 is a colored glass, while the iPhone 11 Pro’s glass is a frosted finish. That difference might explain why the iPhone 11 displays this effect best, and the Green is one of the palest colors around. If you have that combination you’re definitely in luck here.


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