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Axi0mx, the developer and security researcher behind the mind-blowingly impressive checkm8 bootrom exploit, has now teased a new jailbreak based on that exploit, called ‘checkra1n’.

For those who have been slightly disillusioned with the jailbreak community and have been hiding away, checkm8 was announced at the end of September and is essentially a hardware-based exploit which means that all A5-A11 devices have been pwned for life. Because this is a vulnerability in the hardware and not the software, Apple cannot simply patch this with an iOS update.

So, it was all well and good knowing that checkm8 existed and that all devices running an A5-A11 Apple chipset were vulnerable, but it meant very little to the general public, until now.

First Luca Todesco and now axi0mX has taken to Twitter to share a screenshot of an Apple iPhone being exploited by a custom-built jailbreak that he is calling checkra1n (like geohot’s limera1n). And yes, this jailbreak is built on top of the checkm8 exploit, which means that it will offer compatibility for all A5-A11 devices regardless of the firmware that they are running.

The screenshot doesn’t give much away in terms of the process but it does outline that checkra1n has been made with “contributions” from various well-known figures on the jailbreak community. These attributions include ih8sn0wjonsealspshycoteaqwertyoruiopnullpixelxerubsiguza, and others. Humorously, and rather predictably, axi0mx has also appended his tweet with the hashtags “#eta #son” in order to passive-aggressively poke fun at those in the community who will now immediately start asking for a release date.


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